• MJ Space is a service that you can learn Japanese language for free.
    MJ Space is run by 3E Holdings Co., Ltd.
    MJ Space has Facebook page, YouTube channel and Web application.
    You can learn Japanese only with Facebook and YouTube too,
    but if you use this web application, you can learn more efficiently.

  • MJ Space is not a "Sending organization". It is a service of 3E holdings which provide free Japanese learning contents
    Myanmar Unity is a partner of MJ Space.

  • After you sign up, you can use following functions;

    -Vocabulary practice
    -Practice test
    -My page

    We will add more functions in the future so please sign up.

  • Please see the image on the following Facebook post.
    How to install app : Blue image
    How to sign up : Green image

    How to install app and sign up

  • You can use all contents of MJ Space for free.

  • You can reset your password by moving to "Did you forget your password?" page on the log in page
    and inputting your email address or phone number that you registered when you signed up.

  • Currently you can learn N5, N4, N3, N2 level.

  • Please learn as following order.

  • No we don't have face-to-face class. In MJ Space, you can learn Japanese by watching video and using app function (test etc).

  • Our partner agency Myanmar Unity can suggest you Japanese language school so please contact to Myanmar Unity Facebook page (Myanmar Unity Employment Agency).

    Myanmar Unity Employment Agency

  • If you are currently living in Myanmar and wish to find job in Japan, please contact to our partner agency Myanmar Unity's Facebook page

    Myanmar Unity Employment Agency

  • MJ Space is not a sending organization so please contact to our partner agency Myanmar Unity's Facebook page (Myanmar Unity Employment Agency)

    Myanmar Unity Employment Agency

  • If you want to delete your account, please click here.